What is a commission?

A commission is when you ask an artist to paint, draw or create something for you.

You might already have an idea about what you want, or you might want to discuss some different options with the artist regarding a finished artwork. As the artist, I can draw up some rough sketches and a mock-up design if required. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please send an email by clicking here.

How do I order?

Not a problem! Follow these simple steps below:

  • Take a look at my ​price list by clicking here​, then choose which style of portrait or artwork you wish to order.
  • Head over to the ‘Order Form’ on this website by clicking here and fill in the form provided. Within 24 hours of your submission I will contact you to discuss the next steps and to request payment for your order.

If you’re stuck for idea’s, feel free to browse my portfolio for inspiration and if you can’t see the size you’re looking for or if you want something a bit different please get in touch!

Do you paint from life?

In one word, no. It’s always a pleasure to meet the subject matter, however this isn’t practical, nor an easy request of keeping an animal still for a number of hours! I work from photographs and will request a selection to paint from. Also, if you wish to order an artwork with two or more animals in the same painting, there is no need to have them in the same photographs, as I use separate images for the composition.

How many photographs do you need?

I ask for 3-10, good, clear, high resolution photographs of the animal. I also request a close-up photograph of the face capturing a true likeness, especially of their eyes. It’s essential that I include distinct features of the subject matter into the painting. Please also state which photograph you would most like me to work from.

An old/ blurry photo, is that ok?

It might be, it might not be, the trouble is trying to paint something that the artist can’t actually see! Additional photos will be required as research. If the quality of the photographs are poor, the painting will not contain the same level of detail as normal.

More than two animals in a portrait, is that possible?

Yes! I have painted three animals onto one canvas before and am happy to paint more animals if needed. Send me an email to discuss your requirements by clicking here.

I’d like a larger painting, is that possible?

Yes! Let me know what size you would like to commission an artwork for and we can take it from there, and I’ll provide you with some options and prices. I do love painting large canvases! Send me an email to discuss your requirements by clicking here.

How do I confirm my order & pay a deposit?

If you haven’t already contacted me to order an artwork, click here to get the ball rolling… If we’ve already been corresponding about ideas for an artwork, I will send you confirmed details and prices of the planned work via email, and request photographs of the subject matter for approval. Once agreed, I will request a 50% non refundable deposit or payment in full (applicable to any artwork under the value of £70) to be made via PayPal or bank transfer. This pre-payment will secure your order and allow me to purchase the appropriate materials for the artwork, along with a mockup design of the commissioned artwork.

How long will my commissioned artwork take?

Once an order has been submitted and the non-refundable 50% deposit/full payment has been received, I can give you a rough completion date regarding the artwork, along with a mockup design of the commissioned artwork. When the design has been approved by the customer, the painting will commence! Please note, that time for completion will vary according to my workload, subject matter, time of year etc. I allocate 2-8 weeks for each commissioned artwork.

I urgently need a painting within 1-2 weeks, can you help!?

Yes! If you urgently need a painting, let me know asap and for an additional fee I can fast track the artwork as a ‘priority painting’! Send me an email by clicking here for a quote.

Your prices for artwork have changed, why is that?

Prices and postage costs are subject to change, this is because I must charge the appropriate price for my time and dedication to each artwork.  Prices may also change due to material costs, additional time spent on artwork, urgency of artwork aka ‘priority painting fee’, etc. Prices are reviewed quarterly throughout the year and subject to change in the following months: January, April, July and October.

What are the steps to creating an artwork?

When commissioning an artwork from any artist, you aren’t just getting a pretty picture, but their time, years of experience, dedication, back pain and a numb bum! There’s no quick approach to creating a portrait and I pride myself in creating an artwork that has strong attention to detail. Here’s a rough breakdown of what I do my end:

  • Processing order form received by customer.
  • Emailing customer and agreeing on suitability of photographs provided and choosing a photograph to work from, including other questions and details required to create a portrait (size, required by, payment, postage costs, ‘priority painting fee’, etc).
  • Requesting a 50% non refundable deposit or full payment to be made by the customer via PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Editing one photograph or more in photoshop (cropping, adjusting colour, size, format, creating a composition and saving numerous versions) to create a mock-up of the artwork.
  • Emailing and waiting for the mock-up image to be approved by customer.
  • Getting the appropriate canvas from my supplier and additional paints if needed.
  • Transferring the mock-up drawing from my laptop onto tracing paper and continuing to transfer the image onto canvas using carbon paper.
  • Painting the background and painting the subject matter using my laptop as reference (this is when I get a numb bum!).
  • Corresponding with customer regarding updates of the artwork.
  • Taking photographs of finished artwork and sending to customer for approval regarding dispatch. Also sharing images of the finished artwork on my website, blog, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Requesting outstanding balance from customer.
  • Updating my admin accordingly.
  • Carefully wrapping artwork and travelling to post office to get item posted.
  • Notifying customer of dispatch via email, including tracking details.

What mediums do you use?

I work with acrylic paints and use synthetic brushes. I am very mindful of not wasting paint and all my materials are vegan friendly. Commissioned portraits are painted onto either a ‘standard’ or ‘box’ canvas, alternatively, artwork can be painted onto board and framed for an additional cost if required.

How will I receive my finished artwork?

Postage is an additional cost and ranges between £5 – £15 when posted within the UK. Items are well packaged and thoroughly protected using bubble wrap and cardboard. I use recycled packaging where possible and artworks are posted via Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ (unless stated otherwise) or can be personally delivered for free if within 5 mile radius of artist (applicable to IP3 and IP11 postcodes only).

Do you send artwork internationally?

Yes I do! Email me for a quote by clicking here.

When do I pay the outstanding balance?

Once your painting is finished, I will contact you via email to request the outstanding balance to be paid via PayPal or bank transfer. If I am delivering the artwork to you in person, cash on arrival is also accepted.

I’ve paid the outstanding balance, when will the artwork be sent to me?

Once you have paid the outstanding 50% of your order and you have approved the artwork for dispatch, I aim to send the artwork to you within 3 working days (but it’s usually quicker) and email you notification details for tracking. If I am delivering the artwork in person, we can arrange a date and time for me to deliver the artwork to you.

Do you accept returns?

For commissioned artworks of a specific subject matter, all sales are final as the artwork has been intentionally requested. It is important to note, that the artwork created is the artist’s interpretation of the subject matter in the photographs and information provided by the customer. If the subject has specific features, colouring, eye colour, or lost/gained weight, that has not been disclosed as deviations from the photographs provided by the customer, the artist is not responsible for not including such details into the painting.

Damaged parcel packaging, what do I do?

In the unfortunate circumstance this is to occur, refunds are accepted if damaged in transit. If your parcel appears to be damaged upon delivery at your door, make the delivery driver aware upon receipt and sign for as ‘damaged in transit’ in the signature box. Please take photographs of the parcel and email me within 24 hours at victoriapetcheyart@gmail.com and I will try my best to rectify the issue ASAP.

If you wish to proceed with a refund regarding the artwork damaged in transit, I will need the painting to be returned to myself in order to process this request. Please note, the product is your responsibility until I receive it back so wrap it securely and get proof of postage.

I own a painting by Victoria Petchey, do I own copyright of the painting too?

Simply, no… All artworks are copyright of Victoria Petchey and no images are to be used without my consent. I retain the full rights to all artworks, whether sold or commissioned (unless purchaser has specifically paid for copyrights to the image). No artworks are to be reproduced in any way, unless by me, the artist. No artworks are to be recreated and sold.

You may however share photographs and videos of only your commissioned artwork via social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as long as you credit Victoria Petchey as the artist.

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