Buzzing at the Gallery

Now into my third day of exhibiting at ‘142 Hamilton Road’ art gallery.

It’s a joy to be working again, meeting new people and painting in a different environment. Since things changed in March, I have been focussing on completing outstanding orders and getting ready to embrace our ‘new normal’.

The artwork I have on display is themed around British bees. Here are a few that I have painted; carder bee, white-tailed bumblebee, early bumblebee, red-tailed bumblebee,  honey bee.

Not only have I painted onto canvases, but chairs and a lampshade. It’s always nice to try new surface materials when creating art.

If you’d like to know more about British bees, I would recommend reading this short article here: Woodland Trust Website – British Bees

Here’s some pictures of the exhibition.


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