Open Call!

Have you visited the new art gallery in Felixstowe, ‘142 Hamilton Road’?

Recently I joined the ‘142 Hamilton Road’ team as a volunteer and am so proud to announce our ‘Open Call’ for artists!

Whilst brainstorming ideas we thought it would be fantastic for the gallery and community, to have an exhibition showcasing the work of local artists. We decided to theme the exhibition too; ‘BLUE’, which is open to interpretation how you see fit.

For more information please read the T&C’s below. Note: We do not have any wall space reserved for artists, it’s a first come first served basis… So, if you wish to exhibit, be there on 17th August to submit your work avoiding disappointment. Once we’re full of submissions, we will no longer be accepting applications and this will be announced via our social media channels (facebook/ instagram) and our shop window.

REMEMBER… This is a competition and you could win 1 week of gallery space at ‘142 Hamilton Road’ for FREE! All artworks in the exhibition are automatically entered into the competition and open to the public vote for ‘best artwork’ in the gallery.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing the work you submit!!

Terms and Conditions – PLEASE READ

Date of Exhibition: Thursday 22nd August – Tuesday 27th August, 10am-4pm

Theme: ‘BLUE’

Delivery of artwork/s: Saturday 17th August – Tuesday 20th August, 10am-4pm

Collection of artwork/s: Tuesday 27th August, 8am-8pm

Artwork/s Submitted: £5 per artwork submitted (cash only at time of submission), maximum of two artworks per artists. All ages are welcome to submit artwork, professional or amateur. Artwork/sculpture with a max size of 70x70cm (including frame) can be any shape. By submitting artwork you agree to have your artwork photographed and shared via our social media channels/promotional advertisements regarding this event.

Details needed: You must attach to the back of your submitted artwork/s your name, telephone number, hometown, the title of your work/s, materials used, and price (if for sale). 142 Hamilton Road will take 25% commission on all works sold at the exhibition. You do not have to sell the artwork/s you submit to the exhibition, it is optional but we would encourage it. Ensure your work has been suitable strung, ready to be hung otherwise it will not be accepted into the exhibition and your £5 submission fee is non-refundable.

Theme: The theme of the exhibition is ‘BLUE’ and free to be interpreted however you see fit. We look forward to welcoming an array of different artworks on the chosen theme!

Delivery and Collection: You must be available to deliver and collect your artwork/s to the gallery. At the time of collection, you will collect your artwork/s ‘off the wall’ and we are unable to wrap any artworks. Please note that you are submitting artwork/s at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur during the installation of your artwork/s during the exhibition.

Exhibiting: Limited spaces available for the exhibition, ‘first come first served’ basis and we will announce via our social media channels/gallery window when we are no longer accepting artworks. The curators of the exhibition have final say on the artworks displayed in the exhibition.

Competition: This ‘Open Call’ exhibition is providing the opportunity for one of the showcasing artists to win, one week to exhibit and sell their artwork at 142 Hamilton Road for free! The winner of the competition will not be charged to exhibit nor have a commission taken from 142 Hamilton Road during their week in residence at the gallery. This is a wonderful opportunity for any artist who is keen to exhibit their artwork in a gallery and embrace their creativity in a public space. Winner of the competition and 142 Hamilton Road Team are to agree the date for artwork to be exhibited.

Winner Announcement: The winner of the competition will be announced on Tuesday 27th August 2019 via our social media channels and in the shop window of 142 Hamilton Road. In order to name a winner of the competition it will be conducted via a public vote, where visitors to the gallery will come in to vote for their favourite artwork in the exhibition. The artist with the most votes will win the competition.

Sales: If your artwork/s are sold, payment will be settled at the time of collection on Tuesday 27th August 2019, along with the arrangement of delivery to the buyer.

Personal Data: At the time you submit your artwork/s to the time you collect your artwork/s we will hold the details of your name, telephone number, hometown and signature. After the exhibition has ended we will destroy any record of these details appropriately.

Location: 142 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7DS


Instagram: @142_Hamilton_Road


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