An Artistic Spotlight on Veganism

The ‘Veganism’ art gallery based in The Coffee Cat cafe at the Town Hall is already provoking debate amongst people that have been to see it.

As well as celebrating veganism, which has soared in popularity following the success of veganuary, the exhibition also aims to get people talking about the darker issues behind veganism.

Victoria Petchey, from Suffolk Vegans, helped organise the exhibition and says she is pleased with the amount of vegan food now on offer in Suffolk, ranging from crisps to ice-cream, but says for many vegans “it isn’t about the food”.

Victoria said: “It’s about the animals and all animals deserve to have our respect and love. What does it say about us as a society to be killing baby animals and putting them on our plates?

“All the artists who have contributed works to the exhibition are vegan. The artists have drawn, painted, knitted, stitched, printed and photographed their personal feelings, views and experiences of what it means to be vegan, into their artwork.” 

Paul Fisk, who curates the exhibitions in The Coffee Cat, said: “I have worked with many artists that use animal free materials but this is the first vegan themed exhibition.

“After only being open a few days this exhibition has grabbed the public’s attention with a lot of positive feedback and much debate. There is a strong possibility of more vegan exhibitions in the future.”

When can you see the veganism art exhibition?

The Veganism exhibition is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday at Ipswich Town Hall, from now until Tuesday, April 2.


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